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Karaoke Nights

Singing without a live orchestra or band? No problem! Gain some courage, step on our little stage and show us what you sound like! Maybe a few drinks before that courageous step will help, try our new favorite beer Krusovice!


Every Thursday & Saturday  9:30 pm 

Happy Hour: Mon - Fri 3 - 6 PM

A great way to recap your work day!

Or as Stephen King would say: "I work until beer o'clock." SOBO 151 would just respond: "What kind of beer?"


Weekdays between 3 pm - 6 pm, Appetizers 31.41592% off + FREE POOL!

$3.50 Pilsner Urquell and Premium Pints; $3 Wine, Well, Bud Light Pints, Miller High Life, PBR, Rolling Rock; $4 Jager, Fireball, Suaza Gold and Becherovka.

Specials subject to change.

Brunch On!

It's not quite breakfast, it's not quite lunch, but in the end, it should be flushed by Becherovka: cure-it-all Czech's favorite liquor.


Every Saturday and Sunday, 11 am - 3 pm

Team & Pop Trivia Nights


Do you think you know it all??  The put your smarty pants on, grab a beer, gobble up some goulash and get your game on! Show us how it's done!


Team Trivia: Tuesdays, 8:00 pm

Friday Music Bingo 

Grab a drink and take a seat. It is time to find out how great your knowledge about music is!


Music Bingo only on Fridays at 9 pm